About Us

Since its creation in 1982, the mission of Safe Rides has been to reduce the dangers of teen drinking and driving. The free service offers anonymous rides for teenagers who are unable to find a safe method of transportation home on weekend nights. It not only protects teens who find themselves having made a serious error in judgment but it protects their passengers and other pedestrians and drivers from also paying for that mistake.

Safe rides is fiscally responsible, community oriented, and sends the right message that drinking and driving is dangerous and unacceptable under any circumstances. Just one critical accident would cost many times the annual budget of this important program.

Under the Transportation Association of Greenwich, Safe Rides operates with a budget of roughly $56,000 per year, which covers the cost of insurance, drivers, phone bills, gasoline, advertising, etc. Safe Rides has over 50 teenage volunteers (from both public & private schools) who answer phones and help drivers navigate. Vehicles are operated by trained and paid drivers from TAG, for both safety and insurance purposes. This allows the program to operate 72 weekend nights per year, including Halloween and for all high school proms.

Today, the future of Safe Rides is in jeopardy! If Safe Rides wishes to operate for the remainder of the 2016-17 school year, we must raise $30,000. Otherwise, Safe Rides will shut down as of February 1st.

Our committee of is made up of recent high school graduates, current students, and future high school students committed to keeping Greenwich safe. Please help us save safe rides.